Using: LPC11U14  setting up an external interrup not working

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Hi there, down below is the code that I wrote to set up an external interrupt; I could build and transfer the code to LPC11U14. I have a switch between PIO1_29 and ground. I press on the switch and I expect to print in the trace window some text. I get nothing. Could someone have a look at my code and help me to understand where I am wrong...??? thanks

Name        : main.c
Author      :
Version     :
Copyright   : Copyright (C)
Description : main definition

#ifdef __USE_CMSIS
#include "LPC11Uxx.h"

#include "cr_section_macros.h"
#include "NXP/crp.h"

//#include "lpc11uxx_pinsel.h"
//#include "stdio.h"
//#include "gpio.h"

#include "lpc_types.h"
#include "lpc11uxx_gpio.h"
#include "LPC11Uxx.h"
#include "lpc11uxx_pinsel.h"
#include "string.h"
#include "stdio.h"

// Variable to store CRP value in. Will be placed automatically
// by the linker when "Enable Code Read Protect" selected.
// See crp.h header for more information
__CRP const unsigned int CRP_WORD = CRP_NO_CRP ;

void FLEX_INT0_IRQHandler(void)
    printf("FLEX_irq handler kicked");

int main(void) {

   // TODO: insert code here
   volatile static int i = 0 ;
   LPC_GPIO_PIN_INT->ISEL &= ~(0x1<<LPC_IOCON->PIO1_29);/* Edge trigger */
   LPC_GPIO_PIN_INT->IENF |= (0x1<<LPC_IOCON->PIO1_29); );/* falling edge */
   LPC_SYSCON->PINTSEL[0] = LPC_IOCON->PIO1_29; //here we assign the port 1 pin 29 to ext. interrupt 0
   LPC_IOCON->PIO1_29 = PINSEL_FUNC_0;  //default is the general IO
   NVIC_SetPriority(FLEX_INT0_IRQn,0);   /* Default priority can be 0(highest) - 31(lowest) */
   NVIC_EnableIRQ(FLEX_INT0_IRQn);       /* Enable External Interrupt 0 Interrupt */
// Enter an infinite loop, just incrementing a counter
    while(1) {

i++ ;
   return 0 ;

Thanks for the help....!!