GPIO interupts

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Could I have some clarification how the GPIO interrupts work on the LPC11E37.

I have 8 interrupts - PINTSEL determines which pin activates which interrupt.

Then for each interrupt I have PIN INTERRUPT MODE register (PMODE) which determines if each interrupt is level or edge sensitive.

Then I have a "Pin interrupt level (rising edge) interrupt enable register", a "Pin interrupt active level (falling edge) interrupt enable register", a "Pin interrupt rising edge register", a "Pin interrupt falling edge register" and finally a "Pin interrupt status register".

The manual says that the bits in the interrupt enable registers enable the interrupt (which makes sense), but do I also have to have bits set in the ISEL register before the interrupt will actually work?

If I didn't want interrupts, but just wanted to poll in software to find whether there had been a rising edge or not, presumably I would look in the "pin interrupt rising edge register", but would I have to set bits in the "Pin interrupt level (rising edge) interrupt enable register" to make it work?