@NXP: output drive strength - question

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there are Pins which can be used as normal drive strength outputs and some can be used as high drive strength outputs.

Can you help me reading the datasheet values and determining the maximum output current for the different output pins?

For example: I_OH is the HIGH-Level Ouput Current with min. -4mA and the I_OL is min. +4mA. What do these values mean? Where can I find the maximum output current of a pin? Is it the HIGH-Level short-circuit output current and the LOW-Level short-circuit output current? 

Another question:

The HIGH-drive strength pins are graduated in standard drive mode, medium drive mode, high drive mode and ultra-high drive mode. In the pin configuration I just find an indication for normal drive strength [2] and high-drive strength [3]. But nothing about the different modes.

How can I choose between the modes or which pins have the different modes?