Supported SPI Flash Chips for the LPC4350

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gregd on Mon Mar 10 08:38:49 MST 2014
On our product using the NXP LPC4350FET256, we are currently using a 150 mil SOIC-8 SPIFI Flash chip:  Winbond W25Q80BVSNIG (8Mbit).  This chip is going end of life and we would like to find an alternative with the same package but larger memory size - at least 16Mbit but preferably 32 Mbit.  I can’t find a part that matches the package size on the standard list in the user manual for the LPC4350.  Is there a more extensive list available than what’s in the user manual, or does anyone have any recommendations?

From research I am looking at the following possibilities, do you know if any of these are compatible with the boot ROM code.  I am hoping that they will boot properly and be configured to operate at the highest speed without any further configuration after boot ROM startup.