Need to configure pin P8_1 as GPIO interrupt

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Hi ,

I want to configure pin [u]P8.1 FUNC0 => GPIO4[1][/u] as GPIO interrupt.
I have added lpc43xx_gpio.h and lpc43xx_gpio.c files to my project.

and thinking of use below driver routine

* @briefEnable GPIO interrupt (just used for P0.0-P0.30, P2.0-P2.13)
* @param[in]portNumPort number to read value, should be: 0 or 2
* @param[in]bitValueValue that contains all bits on GPIO to enable,
* should be in range from 0 to 0xFFFFFFFF.
* @param[in]edgeStatestate of edge, should be:
* - 0: Rising edge
* - 1: Falling edge
* @returnNone
void GPIO_IntCmd(uint8_t portNum, uint32_t bitValue, uint8_t edgeState)

but according to the description given Port number to read value, should be: 0 or 2.

So, does it mean pin P8.1 FUNC0 => GPIO4[1] can not be used as GPIO interrupt pin?!

Note: I am using Embedded Artist LPC4357 dev kit and Embedded Artist LCD disply board ( EA LCD 004 ).
P8_1 is used for touch interrupt.