lpc4337 problem while setting PLL after reset

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by PeterZos on Fri Apr 17 03:29:46 MST 2015
We are designing a new product based on lpc4337 and I noticed a problem. While resetting the cpu with NVIC_SystemReset the firmware doesn't start. This happens only a few times a day.
I tried to debug the problem, so I took the basic "FreeRTOS Blinky" from LPCOpen v2.16 for LPCXpresso sample and add the code to reset the cpu after a few minutes.
After a few hours of running this sample, the lpc4337 hangs in HardFault_Handler.

I examined the stack with openocd and found that cpu hangs while setting pll in function Chip_SetupCoreClock().

Could you please help me solve this problem

lpc4337_test.zip - modified LPCXpresso blinky sample, which in hangs after a few (12) hours
openocd_log.txt - openocd output
disassembled_c_code.txt - disassembled Chip_SetupCoreClock


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