CW7.0 for ColdFire -> Flash tools

Discussion created by Nouchi on May 14, 2008
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The problem described below was already present on CW6.x, with USB Multilink Pod and, MCF5213, MCF52223 target.
I declared constant segment at the top of flash like that:
#pragma define_section appident ".appident" far_absolute R__declspec(appident)char appId[] = "My Firware Version";

 in the lcf file:
appId    (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x0003FFC0, LENGTH = 0x0000003C.app_id :{ *(.appident)} > appId

The flash tools never want to write this segment, this segment exist in the S19 file, and there's no problem with CFFlasher or ProgCFZ.
The flash tool log reports :
========================================================================= Execute: Program=== Timestamp:  Wed May 14 09:49:55 2008=== Flash Device:   CFM_MCF52223=== Flash Organization:   8Kx32x1=== Flash Mem Start Addr: 0x00000000=== Flash Mem End Addr:   0x0003FFFF======================================================================Trying auto-detect...  File is NOT of type Motorola S-Record Format.Auto-detection is successful.  File is of type Elf Format.Programming 0x00000418 bytes of Target Memory at 0x00000000Programming 0x00010000 bytes of Target Memory at 0x00004400Programming 0x00010000 bytes of Target Memory at 0x00014400Programming 0x00000ED0 bytes of Target Memory at 0x00024400Programming 0x00000036 bytes of Target Memory at 0x0003FFC0Flash Programmer:  Flash driver reports the following error(s):  Operation Unsupported  Timed Out  Verify failed