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i wan't to flash my LPC11U67 about the serial interface. I tested the connection with the flash magic tool with a windows based PC. This is working fine.

Next, i want to flash the device from my linux pc. Unfortunately there is no application, which is supporting the LPC11U67. I tried to add the support, but this won't work.

I tried the mxli software:

sudo ./mxli -N LPC11U67 -F4kix24,32kix1 -B1024,4096 -A0x00000000 -M16ki@0x10000000,2ki@0x20000000 -I0xA0000BC88 -S8@7 -R0x200@0x10000000 -g lpc11U67.hex

If i don't use sudo, i get a memory access error. The process is very fast, but the device isn't programmed. I tested a lpc1769, which is supported directly, and get the same result. (memory access error, and the device isn't programmed).

Then i tested the lpctools. I added the following entry to the "lpctools_parts.def"-file.

0x0000BC88, LPC11U67,           0x00000000, 0x20000, 8,    0x04,    0x10000000, 0x4000, 0x800, 0x800,   1

My command:

./lpcprog -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -c flash ../lpc21isp_197/lpc11U67.hex

Application Output:

Part ID 0x0000bc88 found on line 24
Flash now all blank.
Checksum check OK
Flash size : 131072, trying to flash 11 blocks of 1024 bytes : 11264
Writing started, 11 blocks of 1024 bytes ...
Unable to copy data to flash for block 4 (block size: 1024)

Then I tried to add the support to the lpc21isp application in different files. But the output is only:

lpc21isp version 1.97
File lpc11U67.hex:
        converted to binary format...
        image size : 3912
Image size : 3912
Synchronizing (ESC to abort)..... OK
Read bootcode version: 1
Read part ID: LPC11U67, 128 kiB FLASH / 20 kiB SRAM (0x0000BC88)
Will start programming at Sector 1 if possible, and conclude with Sector 0 to ensure that checksum is written last.
Erasing sector 0 first, to invalidate checksum. OK
Sector 0: ..Wrong answer on Prepare-Command (2) (Sector 0)

Is there another tool, which supported the device directly? Or could somebody check my configs?

Thanks in Adance,