LPC4300 PWM: UM <-> Silicon Inconsistency

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by GTA on Mon May 12 07:13:28 MST 2014

I am using MCPWM functionality on the LPC4357, and when three phase AC mode is enabled (ACMODE=1, CON reg. bit 30) the UM v1.8 states:

* "3-phase AC-mode on: All PWM channels use the timer-counter and period register of channel 0" (Table 798)
* "In this mode the period value is identical for all three channels and is determined by LIM0" (32.8.7)
* "The LIM1-2 registers are not used" (32.8.7)

This is however not correct, as e.g. LIM1 is used to determine the period of MCOA1 and B1 also when ACMODE=1.