Problems with programing NGX LPC4330-Xplorer board via jtag

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gcds on Wed Jul 24 00:50:00 MST 2013

For two days I am trying to flash firmware to LPC4330 with spifi external flash. I have tried every tool (Keil uVision, IAR, RedSuite, LPCExpress, openocd) and all JTAG's (FT2232(BusBlaster), LPC-Link, Keil ulink) but no luck to program it.

THe problem is that after uploading firmware via jtag and verifying everything is ok until next reset. After the reset the flash the same as it was before (the contents of flash is firmware which was shipped with the boards)  I have tried two boards but have no luck with modifying external flash...

I can't continue development as I can't upload Hello World example to the board :(

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