USB HID , How to speed it up

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by pgeloso on Wed May 04 01:56:15 MST 2016
I need to develop a USB HID project using LPCOpen/LPCXpresso and LPC4357. Starting from the example "usbd_rom_hid_generic", I slightly modified it to send 8 bytes to PC and to receive 64bytes (from the PC).

To speed up the USB communication, I changed the HID descriptors in this way and I improved the speed to a "decent level":
WBVAL(0x0040),//WBVAL(0x0004),/* wMaxPacketSize */
0x02,//0x20,/* 16ms */          /* bInterval */  //--++

Unfortunately I'm not an USB expert so, I'd like to have some suggestions to further improve the HID speed.