M0 application only runs in debug

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As in the Dual Core example, I have an cortex-M0 application that is converted to an array of bytes (LR0) in a C file (CM0_Image.c) that is used by the cortex-M4 application as below:

  Load Cortex M0 Application Image
void Load_CM0_Image (uint32_t DestAddr, const uint8_t *Image, uint32_t Sz)
  uint32_t i;
  uint8_t *dp = (uint8_t *)DestAddr;

  /* Copy application image */
  for (i = 0; i < Sz; i++)
    dp = Image;
  /* Set shadow pointer to beginning of the CM0 application */

void Start_CM0_Application(void)
// Stop CM0 core
LPC_RGU->RESET_CTRL1 = (1 << 24);

// Copy application from Flash to Ram
Load_CM0_Image (0x10080000, LR0, sizeof (LR0));

// Start CM0 core

The Cortex-M4 application configures the clocks and pin configuration and then calls Start_CM0_Application

When not debugging or when debugging the Cortex-M4 application the Cortex-M0 application does not appear to be executing. However, if I switch to the CM0 project and debug the cortex-M0 then everything works fine.

I am debugging the cortex-M0 using Keil and a ULINK2 using the following debug script

FUNC void Setup (void) {
SP = _RDWORD(0x00000000);                          // Setup Stack Pointer
PC = _RDWORD(0x00000004);                          // Setup Program Counter
XPSR = 0x01000000;                                 // Set Thumb bit

_WDWORD(0x400C0008, 0x00000000);                   // Disable RIT_WDT
_WDWORD(0xE000E180, 0x00000800);                   // Disable RIT_WDT_IRQHandler
_WDWORD(0xE000ED0C, 0x05FA0003);                   // VECTRESET & VECTCLRACTIVE

LOAD %L INCREMENTAL                                  // Download

Setup();                                             // Setup for Running

g, main

Can anyone please explain what I might be doing wrong that prevents the cortex-M0 from executing normally?