Can't get WWDT on LPC4357 to start

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dsw on Thu Dec 26 15:33:54 MST 2013
I’m having trouble getting the watchdog timer to start on the LPC4357.
I use the code:

void Main_Watchdog_Init(void)

   LPC_WWDT->TC = 0xffff;           //relatively small value for timeout.
   LPC_WWDT->MOD =                 //See page 964 of LPC4357 spec
                                       (1 << 1)    //Watchdog timeout will cause a chip reset.
                                     +(1 << 4);
   LPC_WWDT->MOD =                //See page 964 of LPC4357 spec
                                      (1 << 0);  //Enable watchdog timer.
   Main_Watchdog_Feed();            //Feeding the watchdog once should start it.

   LPC_WWDT->FEED = 0x01;        //This should cause immediate reset.
   LPC_WWDT->FEED = 0x02;
   LPC_WWDT->FEED = 0x03;

static __INLINE void Main_Watchdog_Feed(void)
     LPC_WWDT->FEED = 0xAA;
     LPC_WWDT->FEED = 0x55;

but the watchdog timer never starts decrementing, LPC_WWDT->TV never changes from its reset value of 0x000000FF.
Even though I never feed the watchdog again, I never get a reset.
Thru the debugger I can verify that LPC_WWDT->MOD = 0x00000013, which should be the correct value to enable it to run.
Can anyone think of something I’m missing?