Small non-critical error in User-Manual UM10503 Rev 1.8 (28 January 2014) - IAP command/parameter size

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by capiman on Mon Jan 26 03:21:41 MST 2015
According to User-Manual UM10503 Rev 1.8 (28 January 2014),
page 81 the IAP command/result parameter are defined as following:

unsigned long command[6]; unsigned long result[5];

But, if I looked correctly, there is no Param bigger than 3, as well as Result bigger than 3.


unsigned long command[4]; unsigned long result[4];

shall be enough?

(Same problem in LPC176x/5x UM10360 Rev. 3.1 from 2 April 2014,
where Command[5] and Result[5] is used, but there as well [4] for both shall be enough?)

Bigger is better, so not critical, but not really needed. Can NXP confirm?