ADR assembler syntax

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Hi Guys, I have ran into a serious problem with ADR in assembler.

I've stored a few pictures in my LPC4357's flash bank A. I'm using the Cortex M4 CPU.
using .thumb mode too.

I have 10 pictures in flash mem all about 20k in size. In my assembler code I need to read picture 8's data so
I use this code:

   ADR.W R3, PICTURE8 // This should store the address of picture8 in R3 is that correct?

When I build my code the assembler tells me that it the wrong consonant. What does that mean? Syntax?

Can some one please show me how to read ANY address in flash memory with the ADR command or is their another
assembler command that I don't know of?

I even tried MOV.W R3, PICTURE8 thinking it would store the 32bit address in R3 and that didn't work either.

I have many years experience in Assembler 6502, 68000, ATMEL 8 & 32bit  MPU's but very little in ARM assembler.
and no C or C++.

So please  I really need a little help on thins one. All the rest of my code is working fine except the one I need most. ADR.

Thanks guys :)