LPC4357 booting with uClinux from uSD

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Dear all,

I have a uClinux kernel compiled and tried to install in my development kit LPC4357 board via microSD card. When I try to booting the system, the system no start. I'm not sure the mode of configuration is correct.
The steps that I following in the installation the OS in the uSD card show below:

-The uSD card have 4GB of storage and I parted in 2 partitions (first with 32MB for u-boot and the rest of memory for Kernel and FS.
- Formatted: 1th partition with VFAT (dev/sdc1/) and 2nd partition with EXT2 (dev/sdc2/).
-Putting uImage into the vfat:
sudo cp /workdir/cortexm_uclinux/out/uImage ./

-Putting rootfs and modules of drivers into ext2

sudo cp /workdir/cortexm_uclinux/filesystem/rootfs ./

sudo cp /workdir/cortexm_uclinux/uboot/u-boot-2010.03/drivers ./

sudo cp /workdir/cortexm_uclinux/kernel/linux-2.6.33/arch/arm/boot/ ./

sudo dd if=/workdir/cortexm_uclinux/uboot/u-boot-2011.06/u-boot-lpc.bin of=/dev/sdc bs=1024 seek=8

sudo dd if=/workdir/cortexm_uclinux/uboot/u-boot-2011.06/u-boot.bin of=/dev/sdc bs=1024 seek=32

sudo umount /dev/sdc2

Sincerely Cristobal,