LPC43xx USB V_BUS 5V tolerance errata, removed on latest errata sheet

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Zuofu on Sun Oct 27 15:26:32 MST 2013
On the LPC43xx series, USB_VBUS is only 5V tolerant if the 3.3V supply is connected to VDDIO. Therefore, connecting USB_VBUS directly to the 5V line on the USB bus is a problem if the 3.3V supply takes some time to power up (for example, if it is powered by a switch-mode power supply). This issue is mentioned in document ES_LPC43x0 revision Rev. 1.2 — 1 February 2012 under section 3.7 (page 8) as USB 0.1, which recommends a workaround using a voltage divider or load switch. However, the latest version of the same document ES_LPC4370/50/30/20/10 Rev. 6 — 21 October 2013 no longer mentions this issue, nor does this issue seem to be mentioned anywhere in the latest datasheet. I can confirm on a LPC4337-FT100 chip that connecting the 5V USB power directly to USB_VBUS when the 3.3 V line takes time to start up is a bad idea, it will cause a latch-up issue where the chip gets very hot.

Is there a reason why this issue was removed from the errata sheet? Is there a more in depth discussion of this in the proper documentation somewhere? Attached are 2 revisions of the errata sheet for the LPC43xx series. I think not mentioning this issue anywhere in the current official documentation will cause a lot of problems for people (it has for me). This is especially the case as the KEIL MCB4300 only has a protection diode on USB_VBUS (which works because when using USB power, the 3.3V rail is provided by a linear power supply with low start up delays).