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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sash-a301 on Sat Nov 09 04:08:55 MST 2013

I am newbie on the NXP devices and tools I've a question regarding the pin mux tool.
I was used on slightly different use of the pinmux tools.

Energymicro tool has already predefined pair pin location for UART0
location 0 Rx-A1 and Tx-B1
location 1 Rx-F10 and Tx-F11
location 2 Rx-A5 and Tx-C5

and I was able to select the location 0 or location 1 or location 2 but not the pin itself, so that means i was unable to select Rx-A1 and Tx-C5 for my UART0. Complete opposite is in NXP pin mux tool (for LPC43xx LBGA256), where I am able to select single pin for Rx and Tx.

My question is, does it matters which pin do I choose for my UART0 Rx(A2, N15, P16, L11) and Tx (A3, T16, R16 or M9)?  

Kind regards, Sash