LPC4357 M0 Core Enthernet DMA Problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Rsing.Yang on Wed May 28 23:22:19 MST 2014
Hi guys!

I have successfully  run FreeRTOS + LwIP + TFTP on lpc4357 M4 Core.And now I am trying to run LwIP on M0 Core.
I use the same driver that works perfectly on M4 to drive M0.Everything seems to be ok at the initialization process.
But after that , M0 is Interrupted by the reason of Receive Overflow repetitively.

I want to know what does Receive Overflow mean ? And what will possibly cause this interrupt?
I am glad to offer more information about my question if it may help.

Hope for your help &Thanks in advanced!

Best Regards