malloc failure

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by lifejoker on Mon Mar 10 01:38:57 MST 2014
hi,i download lpcopen_2_09_keil_iar_keil_mcb_4357 from here, and try to debug the project Freertos_tcpecho-iflash_keil_mcb_4357.
i use LPC4357 as the main CPU as the example, and also use DP83848 PHY. But everytime when it ran to
sys_thread_new("receive_thread", vPacketReceiveTask, netif->state,
in lpc18xx_43xx_emac.c, there was a malloc mistake and went directly into vApplicationMallocFailedHook().

it is my first time to use freertos and Lpc4357, i have no idea what happend.
what should i do ?