LPC4337 not programming

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by avr458 on Wed Feb 06 17:43:21 MST 2013
I designed a custom PCB based around the LPC43xx TQFPT144 package. The chip that is populating my PCB is the LPC4337JBD144. I am using a LPC-Link with LPCXpresso. I keep getting the error LPC-Link 1.1 timed out. Are there some crucial steps that I am missing when setting up to program this chip? I have a LPCXpresso project configured for the LPC4337 that successfully compiles all the paths and symbols are set up the MCU settings are configured for the LPC4337 as well as the JTAG and debug settings. Both release and debug are setup the same way so its not that problem. Any ideas?

This is my design