i2s ws signal

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by askar on Sat Oct 11 20:31:58 MST 2014

we are using i2s0 of lpc4357 for connecting to uda1380.
for playing a wav file with below definitions:
Mono, 8bit, sample rate = 16000Hz,
I initialized the i2s0 as for the above conditions the uda1380 is used in WSPLL mode.
when playing the wav file, there is an strong noise over the audio that the main audio
can not be heard. i used a logic analyzer, and saw that i2s0_sck was about 128KHz,
the data has data, and WS has a 8Khz signal with 50% duty cycle.
1 - is the sck frequency ok?  is it have to be exactly 16000*8 = 128000Hz?
2 - according to lpc4357 datasheet WS signal must be 0 for left and 1 for right
     samples, if we use mono audio then the above WS signal is ok? that shows 0 and 1
     for 2 channels.

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