SPIFI setup for LPC1800/4300 using LPCXpresso 6, running on LPCXplorer board

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Here are two projects for LPC1800 and for LPC4300 which use the SPIFI library under LPCXpresso 6.

- import the files into the workspace and make a 'Build all'
- SPIFI libraries compile without error under GCC
- Code runs from SPIFI, using the LPC1830/4330 LPCXplorer board
- function spifi_init(...) is used to initialize the SPIFI
- SPIFI speed is set to 90MHz
- some data is programmed into the qSPI
- after a successful SPIFI write the application runs into a blinky loop

Further notes:
- the code example uses the libraries coming with LPCXpresso, these are different to the new structure from LPCOpen. These libs are a little bit outdated and will not be maintained anymore.
- if you are doing any new code development, then you should consider to port the SPIFI setup from this example into the current LPCOpen platform
- NXP will add a SPIFI setup in one of the next LPCOpen releases for LPC1800/4300

NXP Support Team

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