Using CLKOUT for Diagnostic Purposes

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gregd on Tue Nov 13 11:02:16 MST 2012
The manual recommends using the CLKOUT signal to calibrate the RTC.  It is also useful for checking the frequency of all the clock outputs.  I am using 32-bit SDRAM in my design and it seems like you have to configure CLK0..CLK3 all four for EMC_CLKx in order for the SDRAM to function properly.  The only other spot that CLKOUT is brought out to is the M11 pin (LBGA256) which is used for ENET_TX_CLK on my board.  Is there any other way that you can get to the CLKOUT signal for use in RTC calibration and other diagnostics?

Greg Dunn