RTC problems with LPC4330

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by midas on Thu Dec 19 17:07:04 MST 2013
I use a proprietary board based on the LPC4330. I have a 32768Hz crystal connected between RTCX1 and RTCX2, with 18pF capacitors to ground (as recommended in the Data Sheet, 13.3) at short distance from the micro-controller, and a 3V battery connected to Vbat. The battery backed RAM works (maintains content when power removed and restored). However, the RTC oscillator never starts oscillating, and when I try to debug any application that initializes the RTC, the debugger looses connection with the board in Chip_RTC_CalibCounterCmd(), after writing to register CCR ("terminating due to loss of debug control"). I have tried many variations of the RTC initialization code, with added delays inserted - to no avail.
Any ideas?.