LPCOpen v1.03 OTP Programming with LPC4350

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I am trying to program the MAC address into the LPC4350.  I am trying to use OTP Bank 3, word 2.  I have Vpp connected to VDDIO and VDDREG at 3.3V.  I am using LPCOpen v1.03.  I am running FreeRTOS so I am suspending all tasks just in case.  Here is the code I am using:

static void OTP_fix(volatile uint32_t dummy0, volatile uint32_t dummy1,
        volatile uint32_t dummy2, volatile uint32_t dummy3)

void program_mac_address( uint32_t last_three_of_mac ) {
            vTaskSuspendAll();      // suspend all tasks while doing hardware test.
            /* Initialize the OTP Controller */
            status = Chip_OTP_Init();
            /* Fix as per Errata, required for some LPC43xx parts */
            OTP_fix(0, 0, 0, 0);
            status = Chip_OTP_ProgGPWord( 1, last_three_of_mac, last_three_of_mac);
            xTaskResumeAll();       // resume all tasks.

The status result from Chip_OTP_Init is always 0 (LPC_OK).

The problem is that I always get a status result of 0x60004 from Chip_OTP_ProgGPWord.  I can't find the meaning of this error code in any documentation.  The values in the OTP never change.

I am referring to documentation in AN11292 AN11292 Rev. 1

The user manual says to refer to general error codes but I can't find any that are listed in the manual.

Also, the documentation very unclear and inconsistent as to which function calls actually program OTP bank 3 word 1,2&3.  Is my code above correct for OTP bank 3 word 2 (Also referred to as "General purpose OTP memory 2, word 1).

Any ideas on how to resolve the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Dunn