LPC4330 Xplorer Boot from USB0 not working

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Hi All,

I have a LPC4330 Xplorer evaluation board, and I am trying to boot from USB0 following the instruction :

The problem is that when I plugged the USB cable into USB0 port, I cannot see any change in the device manager in my Win7 64-bit machine. Of course, in DFU programmer, the status is displayed as 'NO CONN'.

I have utilized the evaluation board using various examples in LPCOpen_2.12, and now I configured the boot source switch such that (P2_9, P2_8, P1_2, P1_1) to be (Low, High, Low, High) as directed for USB0 boot mode.

Currently, if I connect both USB0, USB1 ports, then the connection through USB1 port is acknowledged as communication port, because I install that VCOM driver for initial peripheral test, but USB0 is not acknowledged by my machine at all. However, when I perform the peripheral test by pressing a switch on the board, then USB0 port is acknowledged because in the middle of the peripheral test, there is a USB0 enumeration as a HID device. Thus, I guess USB0 can still make a connection to the PC.

However, I initially thought that USB0 should be at least acknowledged by the PC once it is connected, but since it doesn't appear in the device manager, I can't even install the WINUSB driver.

Could anyone help me or guide me to solve this issue?

Many thanks in advance.