LPC4350 CMSIS Library or LPCOpen

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gregd on Sat Nov 24 21:30:14 MST 2012
I have been working with the LPC4350 using the CMSIS library, lwip, and FreeRTOS for about a year now.  I am using the IAR development tools.  This development is for a product that we plan to be supporting and adding new features for many years to come.  I am now getting ready implement USB in my application.  I was going to just start with the NXPUSBlib but I saw the new LPCOpen platform so I downloaded it to take a look.  I see that Chip and IP layers completely replace the CMSIS library.  I also noticed that the lwip code has been updated to fit the new framework.  My question is whether I should go ahead and switch everything to the new LPCOpen platform or continue with the separate (older???) libraries?  Will the NXP development efforts continue in both directions or will future efforts be concentrated on the LPCOpen platform? 

What are the benefits and drawbacks of each choice?

Are there plans to add the LPCOpen source code into the sw.lpcware.com repository.  

Greg Dunn