GPDMA usage question - ping-pong implementation

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I am trying to write a UART driver that uses ping-pong buffers for RX.  I have done this on other processors (STM Cortex M3 for example) by changing the "next" pointer while the DMA is running to swap between 2 buffers so I can read from one while the DMA is writing to the other.  Unfortunately, I found this note in the 43xx datasheet regarding the GPDMA LLI register

from 20.6.18: "Programming this register when the DMA channel is enabled may have unpredictable side effects."

I assume this means I cannot change the "next" pointer while the DMA is running.  Does anyone know how I would implement a ping-pong scheme for UART RX?  Do people have another suggestion for efficient UART RX implementation using DMA?  (Our UART application is a command line interface that will sometimes be driven by a script running on a PC.)