EMC boot pin configuration

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Hi all,

When using EMC 16-bit boot mode, I observe that contrary to what is written in UM10503 V1.7 Chapter, address pins which are actively driven are A0..A20, and the remaining address pins are configured for passive pull-up rather than pull-down. I am not using a header in my image. The board I am trying this with is an old Hitex LPC4350 eval board (version A2).

I haven't found anything in the errata that would explain this discrepancy between chip and documentation.

The NOR flash chip used on the Hitex board has a capacity of 4 MByte and thus needs A21. The fact that this pin is being passively pulled up instead of pulled down upsets the booting process.

Am I doing something wrong, is the documentatiuon wrong, or is it a bug in the LPC4350 boot ROM?