reading current state of a board LED

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Sorry for opening new topic for repeated subject,
I'd asked similar question before, but finally I couldn't fix the problem.

I couldn't find out why the following function always return false?!!

/* Returns the current state of a board LED */
bool Board_LED_Test(uint8_t LEDNumber)
if (LEDNumber <= 7) {
Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIRInput(LPC_GPIO_PORT, ledports[LEDNumber], ledbits[LEDNumber]);
return (bool) Chip_GPIO_GetPinState(LPC_GPIO_PORT, ledports[LEDNumber], ledbits[LEDNumber]);
return false;

I am using "periph_blinky" example of LPCOpen v2_10 or V2_11 and I can only blink the LED by using two functions "Board_LED_Set(0, TRUE)" and "Board_LED_Set(0, FALSE)" , I can not use "Board_LED_Toggle(0)" because the above function always return FALSE.
I've tested all possible values for the "modefunc" parameter in fuction "Chip_SCU_PinMuxSet()".