Using the NGX Xplorer 4330 board with an LPC-Link 2: haven't been able to run an Example project yet

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I have been trying to get my board to work, but I am hitting a dead end. Here is my setup:
- Windows 7
- LPCXpresso 8.0.0 build 526 free edition
- LPC Link 2
- Xplorer 4330 (I triple-checked that the chip was 4330, and not 4337)

Here are the steps that I have followed:
1- After installing the LPCXpresso, I import the projects under lpcexpresso/Examples/LPCOpen/lpcopen_2_12_lpcxpresso_ngx_xplorer_4330.zip, which shows a bunch of projects.
2- I select `dc_sa_blinky`, and build it. Then debug it, causing the following error:

  op EraseSector (0x14000000, 0x0, 0x1) status 0x40 - driver reports init failure - EXTSPI driver rc 13 - No supported SPIFI device found
  Driver gave init failure when not initializing
  op Terminate (0x0, 0x0, 0x0) status 0x40 - driver reports init failure - EXTSPI driver rc 13 - No supported SPIFI device found
  15: Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(50): Flash driver failed to initialize

Looking for this error on the FAQ, I see this page: https://www.lpcware.com/content/faq/lpcxpresso/no-supported-spifi
which suggests to look into the LPXpresso user manual: https://www.lpcware.com/system/files/LPCXpresso_User_Guide_7.pdf

Under chapter 6, I see that I need to configure the memory. However, when opening the memory configuration editor, it seems that everything is in place. See image below.


As you can see, the default flash driver is set properly too.

Now, I try to run a different projet, say `freertos_blinky`. After a build and debug, I would get the error:

  02: Failed on connect
  Could not connect to core.
  31: No connection to emulator device

Other times, with the same project, I would get the error:

  Failed on chip setup: Ep(04). Cannot halt processor.

Looking around the FAQ, I find this link: https://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/jtag-cannot-halt-processor, but it doesn't necessarily apply here. For these issues, booting into ISP seems to be the solution to go.

Now, my questions:
- Can you provide with some steps that, if followed with my setup, and one of the example projects, would ensure running said project?
- What is the reason behind these errors? Again, I don't have anything funky here, just Example project + standard hardware. Is there something I am missing?
- I have seen plenty of times on the forum the use of the ISP boot to recover access to the board. How is that applied to the ngx xplorer 4330 (which, if I understand correctly, would require getting flashed through FlashMagic? If yes, would the image be the output of building the project under /lpcxpresso/Examples/FlashDrivers/NXP/LPC18xx_43xx/LPC18_43_lpcspifilib_driver?)

Thank you, guys, for your help. Really appreciated!