Why usbd ReadReqEP can not get a USB_EVT_OUT event?

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I want to create a multiple LUNs mass storage via ROM USBD API
But LPCOpen do not have this example because it use ROM USBD API
And USBD API do not support multiple LUNs
First I want to know how the ROMD MSC works and I can rewrite and improve it

I did a reverse engineering...
Dump the 64K rom from memory and save to rom.bin
And then work with IDA Pro. Got some source code for the ROM USBD MSC part...(see attachment rom_disasm.zip)

I rewrote the MSC code (see msc212_src.zip\usbd_msc.c)
It look very same with the rom part

But it is very strange with the SCSI_WRITE path
When Windows write a file to mass storage
It always loss some USB_EVT_OUT, It will hang the windows Write operation


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Original Attachment has been moved to: msc212_src.zip