USB Mass Storage Host LPC4350

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I am working on developing a USB Mass Storage Host application running on the LPC4350 using LPCOpen v2.12 with IAR EWARM.  I have an application based off the Mass Storage Host example using LPCUSBLIB.  In my application, I need to periodically power up the USB and thumb drive write some data to a file and then power down the USB and thumb drive.  Everything works fine for 2 attempts, but on the third attempt I start running out of memory when Pipe_ConfigurePipe (Pipe.c) calls USB_Memory_Alloc.  The problem seems to be that USB_Mem_Buffer is not being cleared out when I shut down the USB Host.  As a test, I added code to force clearing out USB_Mem_buffer but then I started having problems in AllocQhd (EHCI.c) with HCD_STATUS_NOT_ENOUGH_ENDPOINT.  As far as I can tell, the memory and pipes handling is not cleared out unless an interrupt triggers the USB_Host_DeEnumerate() function through the PortSatusChangeIsr() function.

What is the proper sequence to shut down the Mass Storage USB Host and clear out all memory/resource allocations to allow a clean restart later.  My application is very power sensitive and must only power up the USB host periodically.

Here is the current sequence I am using:

    USB_Init(FlashDisk_MS_Interface.Config.PortNumber, USB_MODE_Host);


    USB_Host_SetDeviceConfiguration(FlashDisk_MS_Interface.Config.PortNumber, 0);
    USB_Disable(FlashDisk_MS_Interface.Config.PortNumber, USB_MODE_Host);

Greg Dunn