Request From NXP microcontroller Designer/Planer team : "Application processor/Fpga multi DSP " repalcement design

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I have already worked on LPC1768

and my program codes was grown till all 512KB of flash was filled
in between because of small 32k+32k bytes of SRAM I was challenging for each code pieces addition
and gradually I encountered the speed limitation ( 100MHZ )

then I planned to migrate to LPC1788 , but it has the same limitation ( 96KB RAM , 120MHZ speed )

I was around to select CM4 such as LPC43xx , but the limitations are the same

flash = 512KB , 1024KB
RAM = 136KB

for my future developments I need

- more than or equal to 2048 KB of FLASH code memory ( 3072MB+ is the best for me )
- more than 256 KB of RAM memory ( 512KB+ is the best for me )

NXP forces me to use flashless CM4 that has more RAM ( 168KB , 200KB , 264KB )
but it should be add external memory and more pcb area

I am confused!

I think there will be a fast growing demand for massive computing power and more larger memory in near future

it is good idea to :

- adding external memory on the top of chip ( 256MB , 512MB , 1024MB SDRAM DDRn )

- increasing core speed to 600MHZ ... 1200MHZ

- adding more cores and dedicated RAM for each core (16...256 cores , 32kB for each ) ( from massive FPGA world )

- adding more I/O pins ( 100 ... 1500 pins ) ( from massive FPGA world )

- adding LVDS IO transeciver logic ( from massive FPGA world )

- increasing ethernet speed to 1000


these devices will be massively used in automotive ( 1 ... 5 parts per NEW CAR ) on 2015 and next
( where I and my team and competitors are hardly working on projects that based on massive FPGA but expensive )

and for PLC for Industrial


and for military or industrial RADAR



and it would be great that the chip designers to add hardware's to handle RTOS operations and remove
the " time consuming software overhead" of it

as :
- adding a huge amount of banked registers ( eg: 64 banks of 64word(4bytes) register bank for 64 individual tasks = 64*64*4= 16KBYTES )
( removing the PUSH POP or save and restore on each task

- dedicated RTOS tik timer and a "time plan file" ( a 64 * 2bytes register to define each task "time share" ) + 64*1bytes for priority

- and a connection matrix bus between cores to improve access speed

- and more functional DMA controller to remove any overhead from CPU

it is a large design ......
but the first vendor that will generate this device
will have the huge market share of $10Billion yearly

really I need ALL_IN_ONE  solution indeed[/color]

think it:  why should we ( designers )  have to gather too many parts on PCB and route and check and verify and redesign and repeat....

why there isn't  a enough [color=#63f]" total solution in small packages "[/color] ( like DS1643 RTC_NVRAM ) or ( AD_POWER MODULE )

to help us to jump to final design



[color=#33f]I hope someone from semiconductor vendors , to monitor this forum and
provide these solutions for all customer around the world[/color]

it should be named  "Field Programmable Core Array" = FPCA  or something[/color]