JTAG Communication failure

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I have a problem with JTAG, I am using a LPCLINK2 and a Mini4357 board. For the Mini4357 I have made a custom made pcb just for the JTAG connection and the power supply. I did made a mistake with the JTAG (switched some JTAG pins with each other) Now it is connected the right way, but I get the following message in Uvision 5. JTAG Communication failure. The first question: Is it possible that the LPC is broken? How can I check this?

If it is not broken, I did want to erase the chip with flash magic and a hart connection. But on the Mini4357 board are these pins not routed to the output. (boot settings and uart0 default ports) These pins are connected to external RAM. The IPC port is connected to the output of the board. Is there another way to set the processor back to the default settings?

I did test the LPCLINK2 with another board and that is working fine. (LPCXPRESSO LPC1769)

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