Auto detect (in code) LPC4357: Rev '-' or Rev 'A'?

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Is there an easy way to decide if a self-written program is running on a LPC4357 with Rev '-' or Rev 'A'?

With "ISP Read Part Identification command" it seems to be not possible to detect.
According to user manual there is no revision mentioned for LPC4357s.

With Errata Entry ISP.1 I can perhaps read the part id,
and if entry is 0 0 xxx it is perhaps a Rev '-'.
With 0 xxx 0 it is perhaps a Rev 'A' and upwards.

But there is a note in errata sheet: "‘-’ (with a boot ROM version of 11.2)".
So it seems there are also Rev '-' with correct numbering?

Is there an other way, perhaps a changed initial value of a register,
which I can use or any other behaviour?

I must detect for sure, that I have a Rev 'A' (or newer),
so I can reject Rev '-', which has erratas which I don't have and don't want to fix.