Ask for comments about LPC4300 Playing  BMP flastly like movies.

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Hello Gentleman,

I would like to designed a simple relax machine by LPC4350.It can diplay 1024 x 768 RGB565 about 25 frame per second like movies.I conceive 32M Byte/32 bitwidth SDRAM to monopolize the EMC quiken data rate.Progam code is storaged in  quad flash and access by SPIFI.Picture and audio data is storaged in nand flash and access by GPIO.

Firstly pics data is load to SDRAM from Nand flash.Sencondly movie pics would display on LCD by DMA and EMC  from SDRAM .Max ten pics (1024 x 768 RGB565) is  played  by loop cycle,so all pics data can put into SDRAM. No need load  from Nand flash.

Could this be realized?What more comments?