Board Support Packages and LPCOpen Questions

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Hey folks I spent the past 11 hours working with LPCXpresso and LPCOpen compiling and testing various things with my LPC4330-Xplorer and attempting to get my PCB to program. I have the following questions

1. Does one need to write a boards support package for custom implementations? If so how does one go about doing that? I am using the LPC4337JBD144

2. How does one build the LPCOpen package in LPCXpresso from scratch, the tutorials I found only tell you how to set things up after is is built, its seems all the project metadata included is for Keil uVision which I have but the engineers I am working with on this project only have access to LPCXpresso. The copy of Keil I have is meant for dual core debugging if/when we get to that point. I was able to make a new driver library for the LPC4337JBD144 from what I found in the LPCOpen zip I downloaded. I built my library from the source files for the LPC43xx series chips and the LPCUSBLib included in LPCOpen, after a lot of compiling and error correcting I was able to find everything I needed from the LPCOpen package to get things compiling, the last step I had to do was add a flag to the GCC command to take into account C99 specifications. I want to get this library I just built to generate a binary that I can download onto either my LPC4330-Xplorer evaluation board or my custom designed LPC4337JBD144 PCB. Below is a link to the library project I built in LPCXpresso:


3. Further more I would like to make adjustments to this library project so that it can be compiled for the M0 core as well as the M4 core simply by going into properties and changing the MCU to the M0 version. I have included the ARMCM0 sources since when i made the M4 version of the library one of the last pieces I needed was the ARMCM4 sources, but when trying to compile the library for M0 by switching the MCU in properties it won't compile without errors.

Much help appreciated!