Save a big ammount of samples SPIFI (LPC4370)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rodri on Mon May 02 14:35:30 MST 2016

my intention is to save a big ammount (up to 4Gbit) of samples into a flash memory. I'm using HSADC at 8Msps, that is generating arround 32MBps. For doing it, i want to use SPIFI as a Quad SPI interface, and map it into four '1Gbit' flash memories.

For that, I must use more than one Chip Select lines (using GPIOs if it is possible). I was reading the user manual but I did not found any limitation (aparently). I don't understand if SPIFI allows this operation mode.

Do you know if it is possible? Is there any app note?