USB0 connection status

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I'm using the NXP LPC43xx USB stack. I'm implementing a DEV-MSC. I need to know if I have an active connection or not to restrict/allow specific parts of the application. So far in my research I haven't found a clean way to do it. I was thinking on checking the SUSP bit because the behavior I observed was in line with what I wanted to do, but I'm getting strange results, probably due to setup time. Here is what I'm doing:

UINT32 reg = 0;

*** delay of 5ms***
reg = LPC_USB0->PORTSC1_D;

reg value doesn't always reflect the register value when I break, which tells me I'm racing against hardware. It also tells me that's not a good way to do things.

How can I know what is the current USB connection status? By the way, I can't check the VBUS cause we could be powered by there without USB data.