RAM banks

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Figure 5 in the 4300 User Manual shows the AHB matrix connections.  I have some questions--- Is there anything special about "AHB SRAM" vs "LOCAL SRAM"--- for example, do they have the same access speeds?  I see that they are attached to the M4 buses differently, namely the AHB SRAM is attached to the system bus but not the I and D buses. 

But more specifically, I'm wondering if the following 2 scenarios are the same from a performance perspective:

1) Data in 72Kb local SRAM bank
   Code in 128K local SRAM bank

2) Data in 16Kb AHB SRAM bank
   Code in 128K local SRAM bank

I'm assuming that in the 2nd scenario, the data in the 16K AHB SRAM bank can be accessed at the same rate over the system bus when compared to the 1st scenario, where the data is in the 72Kb local SRAM bank, which is connected to the D bus.  (ie, I'm a little unclear about the system bus vs the D bus.)