RAM banks, shadowing

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by charchar on Mon Jan 30 14:07:06 MST 2012
I really like the numerous RAM banks on the LPC4350--- lots of flexibility!  I'm looking at Table 8 and at Figure 3 of the LPC43xx User Manual.  It looks like based on Figure 3, the 128k RAM bank is separated into a 96K and 32K bank, or 2 banks.  But Table 8 shows that the 128K bank is not separated and is 1 bank.  I'm guessing that there is 1 bank on the LPC4350 and that the 2 banks in Figure 3 are delineating the different parts in the family.  (yes?)

This is more of a request---
It would be advantageous to have the 128K bank at 0x10000000 and the 72K bank at 0x10080000 be contiguous.  By shadowing the 128K bank from 0x10020000 to 0x1007ffff this could be achieved.