Deep power down RTC wake up issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by henna on Sun May 31 19:10:08 MST 2015

I am working on the similar project and I face the same issue. I am trying to put my LPC4357 into Deep power down mode and I am not able to wake up from RTC alarm event interrupt.

However I am able to wake up from wake up 0 event interrupt.

To make sure RTC alarm is triggered I am putting ON one LED in the interrupt.the VBAT pin stays at 3.3V all the time and I put debug to check if RTC is enabling or not, everything works fine but, if I put my 4357 in deep power down mode and choose to wake up from RTC alarm event interrupt I loose the control of debug( which is expected) but by I never get RTC alarm interrupt.

I suspect RTC is not working( or is not getting power) as expected in deep power down mode.

Can anyone tell what I am doing wrong or any help about how to check power of RTC domain once the core is deep power down.

Any help will be appreciated.