Cannot communicate to LS device through FS HUB.

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Hello everyone!

I'm developing an application with the LPC4337 uC using the embedded USB HS hardware and the LPCOpen USB library.
I need to communicate with a LS device that's connected downstream from the uC through a FS HUB, unfortunately this does not seem to work. After requesting for a control transfer (with the interface provided by LPCOpen: HcdControlTransfer) it gets stuck waiting for it to finish (by querying the transfer status). If I replace the FS HUB with a HS one then it works perfectly, so that somehow makes me think there's some trouble when dealing the a LS transaction through a FS HUB.
According to the manual (UM10503: section, the uC should handle sending the appropiate FS PRE-PID followed by the LS transfer and whatnot. So I'm certain this is supposed to be supported.

Is there anything I can try? It doesn't seem as if there's anything I need to configure (besides the pipe's speed, which I've set to LS as indicated by the manual section I indicated above, is that right?), it appears it's all handled internally by the LPCOpen library, so I'm kind of at a loss as to what to try.
I'll see if I can get a FS device to connect downstream and try that with the FS HUB to see what happens... in the meantime, any ideas?

Thank you all for your help!!