Need clarification on Errata SPIFI.1.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by DPeters on Thu Mar 08 09:50:13 MST 2012
I'm bootloading from a QSPI device using SPIFI and running the application on SRAM.  If a reset is performed, Errata SPIFI.1 results in needing two successive resets before the image is successfully bootloaded via spifi.  The work-around is to remove the QSPI device from no-opcode mode before resetting CPU.  I haven't found any hints in the user manual or SPIFI_ROM_API.h files on how to do this.  I'm guessing there's a bit in the SPIFIopers structure than can be set when initializing using the spifi_init() call.  Has anyone done this?