Can the script in LPCScrypt able to program more than 1 simultaneously

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With reference to Chapter 6 Appendix, It mentioned that multiple serial port, does it meant that we could write script in the LPCscrypt to be able to program more than 1 boards simultaneously or one at the time. Customer would like to program more than one more at one time, can it work for LPC4350.



6.1 Multiple serial ports
When LPCScrypt firware is booted, it will enumerate on the host as a USB serial (VCOM)
port. In normal operation LPCScrypt (host) will be able to detect and use the correct
serial port automatically. However this automatic detection cannot identify the port to use
if multiple USB serial ports are found. The solution is to manually identify the correct serial
port and specify it to LPCScrypt using the -d switch.