ISP UART Boot commands not accepted?

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1) move two jumpers in the "SV1" block from the middle 2 pins to the two pins more inside the board (2 jumpers closer to edge are CAN related).

2) connect serial port and some terminal

3) press ISP and RESET buttons, release reset then isp

4) type ? in the terminal

watch: Syncronized !! :)

So far so good, the ISP handler has triggered has found sync, but now what? None of the command described in the UM seem to work.. There is just no response ever from the LPC4350, its not dead because sending ? again will do sync again

ISP code does not respond to any commands, as soon as <CR> is sent there is no more echo and NO STATUS response either.

So has anyone got the ISP loader to work? Is there some magic trick somewhere?


U 23130<CR><LF>

does also not work it is echoed until CR then is silence