I²C with CDL library - CMSIS compatibility problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by L.simon on Fri Apr 11 07:28:37 MST 2014
hello everyone,

i need to get USB and I²C going on a LPC4357 and got the usb part working with the nxpUSBlib.
This library works with CDL and untill now didn't ive any problems, i also have a program for I2C working with the CMSIS library

i thought the cmsis library was compatible to the CDL library so i tried to run the I2C program on the CDL lib.

this compiles just fine but while running gets stuck in the while loop in the function I2C_Start()
it seems the I2C interrupt flag doesn't work right, the status (STAT) is 0xF8 which means 'no relevant state info available'

i have no id what to do next!

any help is appreciated!
thanks in advance,