Slow playback of mp3 data

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Dear Support team,

We have integrated helix mp3 decoder on LPC4330 xplorer board. In current setup, we are writing executable to SPIFI memory and loading it to RAM for the execution.

Configurations of my setup:
--> Core frequency of M4:   204 MHz
--> SPIFI clock freequency: 68 MHz
--> mp3 decoder is optimized to ARM assembly
--> sdio peripheral clock frequency is 204 MHz - Reading mp3 data from sdcard using FAT32 file system.
--> Using DMA-I2S setup for PCM rendering

The problem which we are facing with the above configurations and setup is listening slow playback compared to the original mp3 track. i.e. 3 seconds worth of data is taking 6 seconds for rendering.

Could yo please suggest us at the earliest?
Could you also pls suggest on how to profile the decoding/rendering blocks?
*** xTaskGetTickCount() is always returning 0 ***